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Your trusted LOCAL exterior repair experts will revitalize your home’s appearance by restoring to its former glory!

Types of Storm Damage and Repairs:

Wind Damage

High winds can cause your roofing and siding to become loose or damaged. Our team can repair or replace damaged siding to restore your home's appearance and protect it from further damage.

Hail Damage

Hail can dent or crack siding, damage shingles, or even break windows, leaving your home vulnerable to water intrusion and other issues. We'll inspect your home for hail damage and provide efficient repairs or replacements to ensure your home is secure.

Water Damage

Storms can lead to water intrusion through windows, roofs, or damaged siding. Our experts will identify areas of water damage and provide effective repairs to prevent mold growth and structural issues.

Fallen Debris

Trees or branches falling onto your home can damage siding, gutters, windows, or your roof. We'll assess the impact and provide prompt repairs to restore your home's exterior.

Roof Damage

From impact damage from hail to missing shingles and uplifted roofing materials, our team can repair roof damage caused by storms to maintain the integrity of your home's exterior.

Don't Let Storm Damage Stress You Out

When storms strike, the last thing you need is added stress. At Ironclad Construction, we understand the challenges of dealing with storm damage, so we're here to provide expert assistance every step of the way.

With over 19 years of experience serving southeastern South Dakota, our team is well-equipped to handle storm damage-related roofing and exterior repairs promptly and effectively.

How We Can Help:

Service before and after the storm! We're your neighbors, here to provide reliable service when you need it more! From initial assessment to final inspection, we're with you every step of the way.

Free Storm Damage Inspection

Schedule a free inspection to assess the extent of the storm damage to your roof.

Expert Advice on Insurance Claims

Our team will help you navigate the insurance claim process to ensure you receive the coverage you deserve.

Comprehensive Restoration Options

We'll present you with a range of restoration options and help you choose the best course of action based on your budget and preferences.

Quality Repairs

Once your claim is approved, our experienced craftsmen will complete the necessary repairs promptly and efficiently.

Don't Let Storm Damage Disrupt Your Life

Contact Ironclad Construction today for your free storm damage inspection so you can receive prompt and reliable assistance with your storm-related roofing and exterior repairs.