Get a Reliable Roof Customized to Your Needs

Consider single-ply roofing for your building in Sioux Falls or Beresford, SD

Single-ply roofing has grown in popularity over the decades it's been on the market. It's durable, efficient and comes in a variety of styles and designs. Ironclad Construction has the skills to install all kinds of single-ply roofing systems in Sioux Falls and Beresford, SD.

Our roofing contractor can build a roof that looks attractive and meets your needs. Our roofing systems have a reliable seal that keeps out moisture and can protect your building for decades. Contact us today to schedule a roofing installation.

Know the different types of single-ply roofing

Single-ply roofing is a broad term that applies to a number of roofing materials. The materials we install include:

  • PVC Roofing - Polyvinyl chloride is a type of plastic that's layered with polyester to create a membrane that is durable and strong.
  • EPDM roofing - Made of a synthetic rubber material, EPDM roofs are incredibly resistant to severe weather and can last a lifetime.
  • TPO Roofing - Thermoplastic polyolefin is a durable plastic that is colored white, which allows it to reflect sunlight and reduce your heating bill.

If you're not sure what material is best for your building in Sioux Falls or Beresford, SD, we can recommend a durable and reliable roofing system. Call our roofing contractor at 605-595-7809 to get started.