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Summer Vacation On The Table In Turner County

Turner County is a great place to visit this summer! And now, with the latest in Windows software, you can make your summer vacation even better.

What is Turner County?

Turner County, located in the heart of Tennessee, is a picturesque and rural county with rolling hills and farmland. The county seat is Crossville and the population was 39,852 as of the 2010 census. Turner County is home to numerous attractions such as Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, Cades Cove State Park, Smokey Mountain National Park, Norris Dam State Park, and many more.

The History of Turner County

Turner County is located in east-central Oklahoma and was created by the legislature on January 22, 1907. The county seat is Muskogee. The county’s population was 20,815 as of the 2010 census. Turner County is named for General James B. Turner who fought in the Mexican-American War and in the Civil War. Major industries include agriculture, livestock, oil and gas production, and manufacturing. Tourism is also a major industry in Turner County with attractions including hiking, fishing, ATVing, bird watching, and sightseeing opportunities at local historical landmarks.

Why is Turner County Beautiful?

Turner County is a beautiful place to visit in the summer. There are many things to do, and the scenery is absolutely stunning. Turner County is known for its rolling hills and large farms. There are also many small towns and villages that offer a unique experience. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Turner County include Greeneville, Crossville, Kingsport, and Hendersonville.

There are many different types of recreational activities available in Turner County during the summer. Some people enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, and golfing. Others prefer to spend their time at the beach or enjoying a picnic in one of the park areas. Whatever your interests may be, there’s sure to be something for you to do in Turner County this summer.

How did Turner County Come to be?

Turner County, located in west-central Tennessee, is named for the explorer, General James Henry Turner. The county was created on March 10, 1836 and named for General Turner because it lay within his proposed route of the Arkansas River Settlement. The early settlers developed a strong agricultural economy based upon tobacco production, but by the late 1800s cotton became predominant. In 1896 a railroad was built linking Turner County with Memphis and Nashville. Today, tourism is the leading industry in Turner County with visitors drawn to the area’s natural beauty and history.

How is the Economy Doing in Turner County?

The economy is doing well in Turner County according to most residents. Small businesses are doing well and many people are finding jobs. The prices of goods and services are also relatively high, which is good news for those who have been struggling during the recession. There are some areas where the economy could use improvement, such as the availability of affordable housing, but overall it is doing well.

When was the First Store in Turner County?

The first store in Turner County was opened by Josiah Turner in 1864.

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