Quality Custom Decks Built for Your South Dakota or Nebraska Property

Quality Custom Decks Built for Your South Dakota or Nebraska Property

Ironclad Construction Can Create the Backyard Escape You've Been Dreaming Of

Whether you want a brand-new deck area created or require a replacement of your current deck, Ironclad can help. We install green-treated, cedar and, composite decks. Typically completed within a week, our decks are customized to our clients' property characteristics and their lifestyle.

If you want a low, platform deck with no stairs, we can make that happen. If you want a traditional deck with safety railings, we can work with you to create the desired look you prefer. We will build customized steps to coordinate with the styling and existing terrain.

Ironclad Construction has many years of experience building in Southeast South Dakota and Nebraska. We know that old wood decks will fall victims to rot and can become unsafe. Our turn-around time on a new or replacement deck is quick so that you can enjoy your yard again - fast!

How to Select Materials: Composite vs. Wood Decks

Selecting the material for a deck depends on two things: the client's preference and budget. Both wood and composite decks will be beautiful additions to your South Dakota property. Upkeep is also something to consider when selecting a deck.

Wood Decks

Natural wood decks are an appealing option for porches and decks. It has been proven over and over that high-quality wood will stand the test of time. Cedar wood offers a natural look to your backyard entertaining area.

Cedar not only smells great, it is also resistant to rot. When being installed outdoors, the wood is treated to protect against the environment. Due to the treatment on the wood, it protects against termites, rot, and fungus.

It is also budget-friendly, as green-treated lumber is the most economical way to go.

Wood decking does require upkeep. Down the road, you may notice that water begins to be absorbed by the wood rather than beading up and remaining on the surface. This will be a good indicator that the wood needs to be re-sealed. (Note: We do not recommend painting your wood deck, especially in the first year.)

Composite Decks

A composite deck is made of plastic material though they can be manufactured to resemble wood planks. Because of this, it will resist scratching and mold, staining, color fading, and typically will not warp. Composite decking is also resistant to insects and is splinter-proof, making it a great option for households with kids. These decks are quite durable, low-maintenance, and are usually made with recycled material causing minimal environmental impact.

As far as cost goes, composite decking may cost more to install but will require less upkeep over its lifetime. Composite materials do not need to be replaced like wood.

Some upkeep concerns include mold, as it can grow on any surface. Pollen or other debris can also cover a composite deck and affect the surface. Decks built in direct, constant sunlight may be affected by the rays over time. We recommend patio covers or umbrellas in these cases.